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Ramon L. Mendoza

Founder & President, Tikkun Olam Foundation Inc.

Engr. Ramon Mendoza, is a layman who is devoted to helping eradicate infectious diseases such as Leprosy and TB in the Philippines.

Back in 2005, he was sick with severe back pain, goutic arthritis, various allergies and chronic fatigue syndrome, all of which led to depression and his restlessness to find a cure.

During that time, he was fortunate to come across Transfer Factor through a friend. In just a few days of taking it, his life was never the same again as he is now completely healed.

In gratitude, Ramon wanted to share this to more people so he wrote "Understanding Transfer Factor in Layman's Terms," which eventually led to this blog "The Layman's Guide to Understanding Transfer Factor", a compilation of articles written by industry-recognized doctors and laymen around the world, who believe in this phenomenal product.


  • Esther-Panganiban-Photo
    Thank you Lord for sending us your Angel… Guiding and nurturing us towards the right direction. Thank you Sir Ramon Mendoza. You are one of the greatest persons I have ever met…! Thank You
    Esther Panganiban
  • This is the wisdom that I need for me to succeed in 4Life Research Philippines! Thanks to an engineer by profession, in the person of sir Ramon Mendoza and yet, God made him as an instrument to uplift other people's lives through 4Life Together Building People.
    Ramon Riparip
  • Very much appreciated Sir Mon the knowledge you share in facebook about 4life is awesome, that makes me excited to look first to your account as soon as i open my fb accounts, it is like i am on an online study program... May God bless you always Sir.  
    Grecko Earl Garcia
  • Thank you sir Mon, indeed you are our life coach, not only a business coach and we appreaciate your mentoring us through your post on FB. God bless and more power sir!
    Belinda R. Mayson
  • Thank you sir for teaching us how to be healthy... not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well... i always look forward to reading your post.... God Bless u Sir...
    Abbie Siojo
  • Hi sir, I know today is a special day for you. Salamat po sir ng marami, thank you for leading us into a better person. Thank you for leading us to change and transform and making us believe to our dreams. Naging instrumento po kayo sir na ma inspired kami na gawin ang mga tamang bagay upang makamit namin ang aming mga pangarap sa buhay. You are really a great mentor and best leader. I thank God for the day that you were born and for you being such a great person to everyone. May God continue to bless you life and give you the desires of you heart! Happy birthday sir! We love you so much!
    Rommel S. Caneda
  • In my universe, you are already a Gold International Diamond and soon to be Platinum International Diamond. In my heart, you are a well-respected, caring, knowledgeable and inspiring mentor and upline. In my mind, you are a leader rockstar. You are awesome and entertaining. In my 4life journey, you are being followed, looked up to for your wonderful redeeming qualities as a lovable metor and coach, cool father and good leader. You are one of the better few who made a difference in the lives of other. Keep setting the trail to victory with the best health, more wealth and a brighter Philippines with best leaders in your team. Happy birthday Upline Mon. Continue your kind example and shine brighter like a real diamond. Thank you for being one of the good winds beneath our wings.
    Allain Paragas
  • Happy birthday Sir Mon! You're one of those whom I look up to in 4Life.. You're a consultant motivational speaker, and a friend to us .. You are destined to be Gold because you have a golden heart. Thank you for all your little acts of kindness.. I appreciate it so much.. God bless u more!
    Catherine Fernandez
  • Sir Mon, wala na po kong masabi sa inyo…kundi ang  pagiging isang “MULTI-TASKING”.. speaker, leader, writer, counselor
    Angelyn Tuazon
  • You’ve been a great leader all these years and it’s time you be recognized for the kind of leader you are.

Ramon L. Mendoza

Life Coach a solutions provider to people’s problems on relationships, health & money.

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Restoring the world through HEALING

We envision a healthier and sustainable world where everyone hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others.


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